Guided hikes on the Dolomites in Fassa Valley

Discover the charm of the mountain with Matteo

Matteo Donei – Creator of the Moena Alps project, our mountain leader, nordic walking and mountain bike instructor will guide the guests of the Hotel Arnika Wellness in magnificent guided tours to discover the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site and its majestic landscapes. Not only the San Pellegrino Pass, wonderful itineraries designed for hikers of all levels take place in the most beautiful mountains of Trentino-Südtirol and Veneto. Six days a week alternate half-day trips to one-day trips with routes of varying difficulty on foot or by e-bike, an absolute novelty of the summer 2018, departing from our hotel on foot or requiring the use of car. Guaranteed emotions!

All half-day activities and guided tours are included in the price. For all-day trips we will be very happy to drive guests with our shuttle! *

* The small surcharge required for all-day trips will help us improve our service and make our visitors increasingly aware of our beloved Dolomites.

* Lift price and e-bike rental not included in the price.

Download here the program of our guided hikes 2019

Half-Day Hikes


There are plenty of paths for the mountain bike lovers, the easiest in the Valley and the most difficult ones in the altitude.

The programm will be made according to you requests.

The First World War

Only a few kilometers far from the San Pellegrino Pass, you can find the trenches of the First World War. In Fango you can enjoy the nature and visit the war areas.

Walking through the Meadows

You wil find out the Alpine meadows and pastures in San Pellegrino Pass, where you might hike and “dive” into adventure.

Sunrise on the Dolomites

Let’s walk on the meadows of the San Pellegrino Pass searching for the first rays of the sun on the way forward Rifugio Selle Pass.

The Animal Route

A route across the forest to learn where and how wild animals live.

Happy Hour in an Alpine Hut

The San Pellegrino Pass gives you the chance to spend a pleasant afternoon drinking an aperitif cocktail at high altitudes.

In a Mountain Cottage

Learn the tastes and knowledge of the Valley, living the moment in which the hut wakes up: milking, cheese-making and walking around.

One-Day Hikes

In the Heart of Catinaccio - NEW!

Taking the cable car in Vigo di Fassa we will reach Rif. Ciampedie. We will then cherish a breathtaking view over the hole Fassa Valley and Catinaccio group.

The Pala Group - NEW!

We will reach Colvere with the cable car Alpe Lusia. We will continue along the route leading up to Malga Bocche where you can watch the boundless beauty of the Pala Group.

Monzoni Group - NEW!

We will make this circular route from the San Pellegrino Pass around the Monzoni mountains and enjoy the great view on the main peaks of the Dolomites.

Lake Antermoia - NEW!

We will reach Lake Antermoia and its hut from Campitello di Fassa and hiking through Val Duron and Pas de Dona.

Gronton Group - NEW!

We will reach Colvere with the gondola in Alpe Lusia. After passing through the Lusia Pass and its lakes, we will continue towards Cima Bocche. We will then come back to the San Pellegrino Pass.

Rifugio Falier - NEW!

Leaving from Malga Ciapela (Rocca Pietore), we will take the route leading up to the Ombretta Pass passing through Rifugio Falier and walk under the magnificent rocky walls of Marmolada.

Monte Pelmo - NEW!

Very scenic route around Mount Pelmo, called “the throne of God”, leaving from Passo Staulanza between meadows and steep screes.

Alta Via No. 2 - NEW!

After reaching Fuciade Hut from the San Pellegrino Pass, we will go up along the Cirelle Pass and then cross Val Contrin until reaching Alba di Canazei.

Lake Coldai - NEW!

Taking the gondola lift in Piani di Pezzè, we will reach Col dei Baldi. From here, passing by Coldai Hut and its lake, we will cherish Mount Pelmo.

A Corner of Dolomites

A trip across Venegia and Venegiota Valleys nestled on the foothills of the Pala Group, reaching Baita Segantini. We could continue up to Mulaz Hut.

Viel del Pan

Leaving from the Pordoi Pass, you will reach the Fedaia Pass, where you will enjoy the majestic “Queen of the Dolomites”, the Marmolada, passing by Viel del Pan Refuge 2432 m. a.s.l.

Roda de Vael Hut

With two access itineraries (Carezza and Vigo di Fassa), the refuge offers a breathtaking view of the Sella Group and the Catinaccio Group.

Alta Via Mariotta

San Pellegrino Pass

From the Col Margherita cable-car leaves a rocky itinerary, which goes along the trenches of the First World War.

Vajolet Hut

Leaving from Vigo di Fassa, we will reach the Gardeccia and Catinaccio mountains. Then, we will reach Rifugio Antermoia and Rifugio Principe Pass.


From Campitello di Fassa you will reach the Col Rodella cable car and then hike along the Plattkofel itinerary. Return through Val Duron.

Forca Rossa

San Pellegrino Pass

From Fuciade or Flora Alpina Refuge you climb up to the passage, from which you have a panoramic view all above the Valley.

Kids World

Visit of a local farm

We will visit a local farm, explaining you a normal day inside it, with the secrets of milking and growing up cows and other animals.

Let's Make Cheese!

Our kids will try to make cheese from fresh milk. There will be then a milking experience using a model of a cow.

Pet Workshop

Exciting appointment to get closer to animals: Asia and Gigen, two pretty dogs, are waiting for you to be petted and hugged. You will find than rabbits, hamsters and a chinchilla.

Treasure hunt with the animals

Let’s have fun on the meadows and discover where our friends hide!

Walk to the lake with goats

Let’s take a little trip around the San Pellegrino Lake, accompanied bythe goats!